Jega Delisca

(B. 1998 in West Palm Beach, Florida) Jega Delisca is an emerging Montreal-based painter and community builder. His artistic practice is deeply influenced by his intimate relationships with his community, friends, and his family dynamics, particularly as the youngest of six brothers. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Concordia University.

For the past three years, Jega has dedicated himself to using arts-based programming to foster community growth. As the Youth Coordinator at Scarborough Arts, he successfully developed art programs specifically tailored for 2SLGBTQ+ youth. Additionally, Jega contributes as a Peer Researcher at The University of Toronto, Scarborough Campus, where his research focuses on establishing sustainable community arts-wellness initiatives for Scarborough's 2SLGBT+ youth, supported by the Connaught Grant.

In his painting practice, Jega primarily explores the impact of normative male alexithymia on men's daily lives. Through tender gouache and oil portraits of his friends and family, he challenges and reevaluates conventional notions of masculinity. Jega's commitment to community organizing is also evident in his notable project, The Carefree Black Boy Project (2016-2018). This initiative, funded by the City of Toronto and Art-reach, earned him the esteemed Community Organizing Award from R.I.S.E Edutainment

Photo by Stacy Lee

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