Jega Delisca

Born in West Palm Beach Florida, Jega Delisca is an emerging Montreal–based painter. His work is informed by the intimate relationships he has with his community, friends and his family dynamics as the youngest of six brothers.

Jega's tender, colourful gouache portraits of his male friends, explores how normative male alexithymia affects the daily lives of men. Additionally, his work rethinks and expands on the conventional notions of masculinity.

These ideas are also in explored in his history of community organizing, namely The Carefree Black Boy Project ( 2016-2018) where he was awarded funding from the City of Toronto and Artreach and received the Community Organizing Award From R.I.S.E Edutainment.

Jega's is currently the Youth Coordinator At Scarborough Arts, creating art programs for queer youth in Scarborough.

Jega plans to resume his studies in the fall of 2023.

Photo by Daniel Iastres